The system

functional. aesthetic. convenient.

My two great passions – music and handicraft – were the beginning of this invention and development. The instrument-belt combines great functionality, aesthetics and comfort with an outstanding level of quality. I see it as my personal commitment to continually develop this instrument-belt and to adapt it to the individual needs of the player. This is only possible through the trustful cooperation with you musicians!


The easy handling of the belt distinguishes this carrying system. Once you’ve tried it, you won’t play your instrument without it any more.

How does the system work?

+ the tuba/the accordion is hooked easily and conveniently into the custom-made belt

+ for tubists: the traditionally used laces are no longer necessary, but possible

+ for accordionists: the belt is used in addition to the laces in order to shift the weight to the hips


Due to its simplicity, workmanship and best quality the belt is a beautiful accessory. Convenient and beautiful – that’s what it takes.

+ best 3mm thick, sturdy cowhide

+ smooth/supple leather lining

+ brightly polished metal

+ on request with initials


The robustness, its ergonomic design as well as the customisation make the belt a convenient tool friend to the musician.

Why this carrying system?


+ because the tuba/the accordion is simply attached and removed

+ because it takes pressure off your back

+ because it allows more movement, e.g. in a show, on stage,...

some more for tubists:

+ because the left hand is released

+ because it offers more freedom of movement

+ because it allows you to breathe freer

+ because it is especially convenient for playing with a marching band