high quality. sturdy. durable.

Due to my passion for these materials, I successfully completed my education as blacksmith and goldsmith. My inherent curiosity and the "doing-everything-by-myself" attitude as a boy led to numerous hours secretly sitting at my mother’s sewing machine. My time as farmer was then decisive for processing leather from our own bulls.


Leather is skin. It breathes and lives. Leather is a natural material.

Neck leather for the belt

I am only using Neck leather (leather from the bull’s neck) from Styrian bulls. It has a thickness of 2.5 – 3.0mm.


These colors are available for the belt:

Colour variations are possible.

Leather for the padding

The crude material stems from young Styrian bulls and stands out through a full grip. Extremely smooth and soft, it prevents pressure marks which otherwise could occur through the weight. The leather has a thickness of 1mm.

These colors are available for the padding:

Colour variations are possible.

Stainless steel

Brass is an alloy which is composed mainly from copper and zinc (5 to 45%). It stands out through a good stability and a high resistance to corrosion. Beside these properties, it is very decorative. To protect it from oxidation, a lacquer is applied and thus it keeps its colour and polish.


The crude material of the belt buckle is a 1.5mm thick sheet of stainless steel. It is perfect for welding, bending and cutting – an everlasting material. Definitely the highest quality level of dimensional accuracy and surface quality. To protect the material, it is processed with gloves and the surface is brightly polished.


Silver-plated brass bandol

Silver is used in the technical as well as in the decorative field. This is owed to its warm, white brightness. To prevent it from tarnishing, it is passivated after the process of silver plating. This treatment protects it against the sulphur compounds in the air. With a polishing brush the bandol is brightly polished.