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Tubabelt & accordionbelt

relieving. releasing. robust.

Your back is relieved,

you are able to breathe freely

and the instrument is stabilized.

As I´m playing tuba as well as accordion I know from experience the heavy weight of these instruments. The daily playing with these big instruments can be a strain for the back. This was crucial for me to develop a better carrying system. As I´m a goldsmith and a blacksmith I have the best qualifications to put it into practice and so I developed this belt. I´ve been using it since 1999 and since then I improved the system contineously. This improved version of the tubabelt and the accordionbelt is now available for you.

The system is so simple. Incredible that it hasn´t been invented before.

High quality materials such as stainless steel, brass and leather are processed with proven techniques to craft a very special piece. Each strap is custom-made handwork, made for life.

Here you find informations about the tubabelt.

Here you find informations about the accordionbelt.

On the site "references" you find players of both instruments who are using the belt already for quite a while.