comfortable. smooth. unique.

The tuba belt isn´t only comfortable and convenient but is also a real gem - an eye-catcher! It allows sovereign stage performances and your back is relieved of any pressure.

The belt buckle

The belt buckle constitutes the centrepiece. According to your body measurements and tuba model the size and shape are customized. It is made of stainless steel and equipped with decorative fittings to protect the leather. On request, an engraving, e.g. initials, can be inscribed by laser.

The belt

The leather belt is made of durable cowhide. For a perfect wearing comfort it is padded with a smooth leather inside. Despite its size the belt is very comfortable. Its classic look renders it an ideal partner for any kind of clothing.

The ring

The belt buckle is hooked into the ring.

There are several options:

+ the tuba already has got a ring on your favourable position

+ the tuba has got a ring on an inconvenient position

+ the tuba hasn´t got a ring yet

There are different shapes of rings. For the tuba belt it is irrelevant whether it is angular or circular. Only the inner diameter is relevant as it has to be at least 20 mm.

a) tuba with a ring on the favourable position

The tuba is hooked in with this ring in the belt buckle. A small plate of felt prevents the tuba from possible scratches and dents by the belt buckle.

b) tuba with a ring on an inconvenient position or

c) tuba without a ring

Two solutions are possible:

solution 1: you solder a ring on the right position solution 2: a brass bandol with ring

solution 1

ring to solder

Brass bandol with ring

The brass bandol is 30mm wide at a thickness of 1mm. It is put together around the main bow with a screw. The brass is equipped with a grippy cellular rubber to avoid scratches on the surface. The brass bandol can be silver-plated on demand.

The measurements

With every individual tuba belt I strive for a perfect fit so you have it in the right position to play your instrument.

How to take your measurements:

It is important to take correct measurements in order to get a perfectly fitted tuba belt.

1. Ask somebody to assist.

2. Take your time.

3. Stand upright and relaxed.

4. Clinging (but no constriction).

The measurements in cm

A: body height

B: hip size / waistline 

C: distance between mouth and waistline

D: distance between mouthpiece and ring

E: diameter at the inside of the ring

F: circumference of the main bow (necessary if brass bandol is required)

G: model of the tuba (manufacturer, brand)

Measurement chart - please give attention to the information further down

The measurement chart as pdf is linked soon.

Informations about measurement - pictures will follow

B: Attention! - Measure around the hipbone. Lead the measurement tape horizontal around the hip bone. Preferably, measure with the clothes you wear when playing concerts. Especially to consider are clothes made of leather because of their thickness; the belt may shift +/- 10cm.

C: from the mouth to the position of the belt buckle on the line of measurement.

D: if the tuba hasn´t got a ring, the best would be to make a marking and to measure from the middle of the mouthpiece to this marking (->to the picture).

F: for tubes which haven´t got a ring: measure on the position of the marking (there where the brass bandol will be ->to the picture).